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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Facebook Music will be launched next month

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ShoutBloger: Facebook desire to expand its services in order to continue to be made more complete. One last feature offered is a Facebook Music, reportedly even features will be present next month.

It's no secret that when Facebook began to glance at the digital music market. Because of this desire has been thrown Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg followed by holding a streaming music service Spotifiy some time ago. And next month is a step before the implementation of the plan.

This is of course interesting for users of social networks in the world's largest, but not for streaming music service providers who are already coming.

If that happens, Facebook music player application would threaten the existing music service, a Facebook music platform can really provide a boost in offering free music, because these services will be supported to seek advertising revenue, says CNBC provide a record, which launched Sunday September 4, 2011.

Based on the information sources of Facebook, said the music business that run sites that claimed to have 500 million users it will be much different than MySpace music. The difference lies in the licensing of digital music distribution.

Currently, Facebook users are now able to use applications to share the music they listen to on Spotify with their friends. This happened thanks to the collaboration service that extends to last May.

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