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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Death Countdown of Internet Explorer 6

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Already some time ago, Microsoft recommends at Internet users to abandon Internet Explorer 6 browser. Technology that is used by Internet Explorer 6 was too out of date and not safe for Internet users.

In fact, until now there are many people who use Internet Explorer 6 was released even though the new version of Internet Explorer 7. Recent data reported by Net Applications on February 28, 2011, there were 12 percent of computers around the world who are still actively accessing the internet using Internet Explorer 6. It is down 9 percent compared to last year, but still too risky.

This is the basis for campaigning to eliminate Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. To launch this campaign Microsoft built a special website created to count down the death of Internet Explorer 6. The target of this campaign is mencapia number of IE6 users under 1 percent. you could see the death count down Internet Explorer 6 on this site www.theie6countdown.com.

It was now 2011, Internet Explorer 6 browser has become an age of 10 years. According to Net Applications, Internet Explorer 6 is still used in 12 percent of the User in the world. Our goal is to lower it below 1 percent worldwide, said Roger Capriotti, Director of Product Marketing of Internet Explorer in Microsoft's official blog.

Microsoft has provided a special page as a source of information for using a newer browser. This page explains the lack of Internet Explorer 6, but it offers advantages over Internet Explorer 8 browser later. In addition, also provided kleuntungan-profit and best practice for companies that switch from Internet Explorer 6 to a new browser.

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