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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Microsoft detects Chrome as Malware

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ShoutBloger: Competition heats up between the web browsers, Microsoft throws after a controversial revelation. The reason for the Microsoft remove Chrome browser from computer network users.

As quoted from the IT Wire on Monday October 3, 2011, at least there are 100 users affected by the removal of the Chrome browser, due to being enhanced by the Microsoft Security Essentials.

Parties to Microsoft explaining that their antivirus software inadvertently detects the Chrome browser as malware.

The user that deleted his or her browser had a lot of complaining on Twitter. Good for Microsoft, a good way to clear the browser competition. Curious, how many affected by this, one of Twitter users.

Even with the re-install Chrome browser is not successfully restores the user's computer.

Parties Microsoft finally spoke with said that their system inadvertently detect Chrome as malware, and will immediately fix the bug.

There has been a false detection. PWS: Win32/Zbot identified as malware, and the result is Google Chrome blocked and removed from the user's computer. We will work hard to fix this, wrote the Microsoft on its official blog.

For those users affected by this, it is recommended to manually update the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). We apologize for the inconvenience, he added.

Google Chrome now controls 20 percent of the browser market, compared with the current Internet Explorer is superior, which is approximately 38.9 percent.

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