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Friday, June 17, 2011

73% of U.S. Gamers Use Nintendo Console

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ShoutBloger: An internal study by Nintendo revealed that 73 percent of game lovers in the United States prefer their gaming consoles than other brands.

As many as 43 percent of gamers who exclusively play Nintendo consoles. Meanwhile, 39 percent claimed to use the Nintendo consoles and other consoles from competitors. Similarly, as reported by IT Pro Portal on Friday June 17, 2011.

Nintendo managed to increase their sales figures in recent years. The high popularity of Nintendo Wii U also helped keep up with the two main competitors, the PlayStation 3 (Sony) and Xbox 360 (Microsoft).

Not long ago, Nintendo surprised many people when poured newest gaming console, Nintendo Wii U. Unfortunately, the console is equipped with a television screen is apparently not well received by investors.

Nintendo shares in Tokyo recorded a significant decline after Wii U consoles on display Nintendo at the E3 event in Los Angeles last week. Some analysts claim the decline in value stocks is because investors are skeptical of the Wii U sales.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter claims Wii U launch two years too late, given the other HD consoles already have a good market than the Nintendo Wii U.

Pachter also noted that, depending on the price, this system will be a phenomenal success or failure of phenomenal.

Competitive Bundle for Xbox 360 and PS3 with Move Kinect tend to price below USD300, and Wii U should be able to keep up, he explained.

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