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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bantley Breaking the World Record with a Quick Slide on the Ice

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This car is different from the Bloodhound SSC the world's fastest car, the car is a car manufactured by Bantley, Bantley breaking the world record with a quick slide on the ice.

After breaking the world record with a quick slide on the ice, Bantley is Supersports manufacturers publish a special edition of its new products.

"Juha Kankkunen is the best driver for the first remarkable achievements of a car that get to the speed of continental ice Supersports record, " said City Bantley top speed.

And the car will initially be shown in a situation where the Geneva Motor Show, March 2011. But the parties still hide the guts of this Bantley car.

Due to the special edition, does not produce Bantley 100 for the whole world.

Super Sports Bantley offers only three choices of colors, including quartz, Beluga, and in the Arctic and white, with the roof open and cooperated with the color of coupled dark gray metal.

In addition to describing the issue of color, Bantley also adds a new look with a powerful body that uses the wheel more than 20 meters and 10-inch spoked wheels super sport jet black.

In addition to special function, agile and extremely outgoing personality, the latest edition Bantley past to maintain the quality of the display of luxury and comfort that customers want.

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