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Monday, February 21, 2011

Honda released NSF250R to win in moto3

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To enliven the motor sport market, Japanese automaker Honda Motor Sport released the latest Honda NSF250R.

Honda sport bike sport motorcycle manufactured Honda NSF250R to win the title in the new championship Moto3.

Shall not be released in the official specifications, but under the law of single-cylinder 250cc engine Moto3 NSF250R limited, with up to 81 mm and the maximum of the maximum speed of 14000rpm.

According to Honda, inherits NSF250R elements Honda RS125R 125 Grand Prix bike. The arrest of 130 RS125R win the Grand Prix, with nine drivers won the world title to date including the RS125R Honda MotoGP rider Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso. RS125R not familiar site on the web in recent seasons, but only one racer Marco Shorter were Interested Racing Honda team championship throughout the 2010 season, the 125cc world championship in RS125R.

NSF250R Honda Motor sport is a new modification design from Honda which has a high acceleration performance, lightweight and compact in-class motor sport.

Honda sport bike motorcycle NSF250R revitalize sport bike in its class Moto3 championship.

With the Honda engine NSF250R very tough in its class, we were really hoping for a new Honda NSF250R much loved by all people in the world and help them to realize their dreams in the sport bike world.

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