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Friday, April 1, 2011

Adobe Introduced a New Service for iPad Users

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In an event Photoshop World Conference, Adobe introduced a new service from Photoshop which is devoted to the iPad users.

This new technology merupkan expansion of Photoshop Express which is already ready in the App Store. Photoshop Express for this iPad sediri will have some basic features such as cameras and edit photos, and share images.

Launched by Apple Insider, Friday April 1, 2011, while for the upgrade users will be charged at USD3.99 with features Camera Pack, auto reviews and technology prediction noise normally found in the Lightroom 3.

In the demonstration, Photoshop for iPad can be used to multilayer document, incorporating several pieces of images to be 3-dimensional animated (3D). Photoshop supports the synchronization settings and color in accordance with the desktop version.

Unfortunately, Adobe did not want to reveal when the certainty of the date of release of Photoshop for the iPad. Because the event is not mentioned in detail and clearly.

Photoshop iPad itself to be one sign that many developers will begin to look a tablet that actually Apple's own, including companies that somewhat cautious in accepting other developers.

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