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Friday, August 12, 2011

Facebook releases new game features to response Google Plus

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ShoutBloger: This is Facebook answer to the launch of the game that made its competitors, Google Plus. Here, Facebook remains focused on the enrichment of existing games on its site, instead of turning to a new gaming platform.

As is known, Google Plus has just bring popular games like Angry Birds and Zynga. Not to be outdone, Facebook also offers a fun new experience for those who like playing games on Facebook.

Here are three new features in response to Google Plus, as reported by the official Facebook blog on Friday August 12, 2011:

1. Ticker games
When users play the game, then they will be presented with a stream containing the activity games that do his friends, including grades and achievement in the form of ticker.

Ticker Through this addition, gamers can show off skill. He was also able to find a new game's announcement is playing his game. Ticker can be found at the top right corner of the screen. If the user does not want to use this feature, he can just click 'X' to remove them.

2. Room a more spacious
Facebook also introduced a wider screen for playing games so that users can be more satisfied in playing. Full screen will soon be enjoyed in some games like CityVille, Zoo World, Monster World and Mystery Manor.

3. Bookmark
Users are also able to add bookmarks on his homepage where applications or games that are often used. To add a new favorite, the user can just click the menu next to the bookmark.

Facebook said, there are more than 200 million people who play the game on Facebook each month and most popular of 80 games he has, they have at least one million active users. Facebook itself is now home to more than 750 million users, still well above the new Google Plus has about 25 million users.

How is the continuation of the fierce competition both of this networking site in the future?

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