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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The number of Facebook users in the UK decreased

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ShoutBloger: Although social networking site Facebook is still popular in Britain, but the number of users declined sharply in July, compared to June.

According to the firm Experian Hitwise, Facebook users visit losing marketshare declined to reach 50.14 percent, the lowest since October 2009. Similarly, as quoted by the CBR Online on Friday August 12, 2011.

Experian Hitwise says that Facebook has lost marketshare user visits ranging from 53.72 percent to 50.14 percent of all social networking for the British territory.

The dominance of Facebook in the social networking market is never this low since October 2009, because social networking is now only counted for 50.46 percent of all visits social networking sites, said the Experian Hitwise.

In addition Experian Hitwise also said that YouTube is now a social network that has the fastest growth for five months in a row. YouTube is also the third largest search engine this month. In addition there is of course eBay and Facebook, he said.

One out of every 35 visits to a site by UK Internet users 'runs' into YouTube. The site the video is now calculated at 22.54 percent of all visits to social networks, he added.

The firm said Google remains the leader in Internet search with a figure of 91.04 per cent marketshare visitors. While the site of Microsoft, Bing, came second with a percentage of 3.84 percent for the month of July 2011.

While Yahoo Sites said by Experian Hitwise has also increased marketshare visitors with calculated at 3 percent of all online searches in the UK.

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