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Saturday, August 13, 2011

After the Netbook, now Intel introducing Ultrabook Intel tablet

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ShoutBloger: To accelerate the development Ultrabook Intel tablet, Intel poured funds more than $ 300 million. With the combination of laptop and tablet, Intel tried to create a new class in the computer market.

Intel promises that Ultrabook will appear with a sleek and elegant design has features such as tablets and soft. Her presence will be presenting a highly responsive computing experience and secure.

For this product, Intel has also invested a special fund. The focus of the development undertaken includes Intel's battery, an innovative physical design and increased storage capacity.

The whole purpose of funding that is invested for three to four years ahead of this is creating a cycle of innovation and capabilities of the latest mobile devices such systems, explained President of Intel Capital, Arvind Sodhani.

There are three key phases in the development Ultrabook Intel strategy, namely the development of second-generation processor completed in 2011, an integrated chipset Ivy Bridge 2012 and Haswell 2013. The last type is claimed to be able to reduce power consumption significantly.

Intel does seem serious work on this Ultrabook tablet. Ultrabook tablet price also strived to be affordable. Technology Company based in the United States mentions Ultrabook price tag will not be more than $ 1,000, even the possibility could be below the official price range.

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