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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zynga want to get away from Facebook

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ShoutBloger: Popular online game maker Zynga Inc. recently announced a major step related to its relationship with Facebook. Known, has long Zynga depend on this platform, and now they decided to reduce the 'dependence' is.

Zynga Inc., the company behind the success of Farmville and the Mafia Wars game plan to make their own separate site with Facebook. Services are being prepared Zynga is called Project Z.

Project Z allows players to play the name game and the same session either on Facebook or in Zynga.com. So if the players start the game on Facebook, so he could continue at Zynga.com without having to finish on the networking site.

Quoted from the WSJ on Wednesday October 12, 2011, Zynga will accept payment through Facebook Credits in Project Z was it.

Zynga is not yet known when it will release its site and any game that will be included in it but it seems Zynga trying to bring all of the game. "We hope to include all games in there," said Cadir Lee, Chief Technology Officer Zynga.

The purpose of the steps taken by Zynga is namely to provide gaming experience is more seamless to the user.

As is known, the game is played on Facebook frequent crashes and delays caused because of the large data entered on the Facebook platform developers. Lee added, Zynga new site is designed to minimize the problem.

In the mat that was held at the headquarters of Zynga San Francisco, also announced Wednesday that games Zynga released as Hidden Chronicles, CastleVille, Zynga Casino and Bingo, Dream Zoo, Farmville Shakedown Express and Mafia Wars. Some games can be played on the mobile version of Facebook.

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