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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Samsung introduced smartphone with flexible screen who will attend next year

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ShoutBloger: Samsung flexible amoled confirmed introduces new mobile phone will return next year. South Korean company will showcase its flexible screen phones, tablets and other portable devices.

Hopefully we can introduce a flexible display that early next year, said Vice President, Robert Yi, as reported by Pocket Lint on Sunday October 30, 2011. According to this flexible display will be applied first on the handset.

Yi revealed that Samsung plans, while explaining that the company's profit declined 23 percent in the past year.

Previously Samsung was also showing off a flexible amoled bendable display, the Super-AMOLED FDP International Expo in Tokyo. This technology is very impressive, can be bent to achieve the curvature of 1 cm and is capable of displaying a resolution of 800x480 WVGA screen.

Of course there is the challenge of this technology in the battery, SIM slot, antenna and processor. But the optimistic views of Samsung, it looks like it has been handled.
samsung flexible amoled android smartphone
samsung flexible amoled bendable

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