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Thursday, October 20, 2011

MC Hammer launches its own search engine

/ On : 4:44 PM/
ShoutBloger: MC Hammer has launched its own search engine, named the WireDoo search engine, which focuses on in-depth search and related topics.

As quoted from Mashable on Friday October 20, 2011, MC Hammer says that most search engines are built based on the links and keywords, while Google and other networking sites is not strong in combining topics and keywords, which he called relations keyword.

Unfortunately the rapper as well as business travelers have not revealed much about the search engine that made its name is. However WireDoo referred to as being able to connect related topics with the search results for a variety of fields, including finance.

Hammer said that he believed that the search engines which he built together with his team for two years will be useful to focus in the search related.

WireDoo search engine itself is still pre-beta format. MC Hammer Party itself has not announced when the internet search engine will be launched to the public.

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