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Saturday, October 1, 2011

15 million units of Amazon Kindle Fire tablets will be sold in 2013

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ShoutBloger: The analysts and firm Strategy Analytics predicts that within the next two years Amazon Kindle Fire tablets made by Amazon's Kindle will get a big sales numbers.

As quoted from Softpedia on Saturday October 1, 2011, firm Strategic Analytics estimates that there are approximately 15 million units of the Kindle Fire that will be sold worldwide in 2013, assuming that the territories of Western Europe, Japan and the countries with emerging market stocks have such products in 2012.

Our first impressions of the Amazon Kindle Fire are quite positive, said Peter King, Director, Tablet and Touchcreen Strategies from Strategy Analytics.

Amazon has avoided what is done by the competitor’s iPad earlier, the size, features, pricing and the same user experience, he added.

King also said that by using Android OS, and the growing share of the OS market bearing the robot is known also as the driving factor of a bright future for the Amazon tablet.

Surely a company that will welcome Kindle Fire is Google. OS Android will help improve the offerings from Amazon to their users, added King.

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