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Monday, September 5, 2011

Xperia Arc S generate 3D images through 2D Camera

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ShoutBloger: Sony Ericsson released its new mobile phone that has advantages in taking photographs of 3 dimensional '3D'. Uniquely it is done through a 2D camera.

Xperia Arc S smartphone is packed with technology. Arc S works by using Google's Android operating system and is claimed to work 25% faster than its predecessor. This happens because the surge velocity has been carrying the Arc S 1.4 GHz processor.

Xperia Arc S has its own camera has 8.1 MP high resolution so that the resulting photograph looks clear also guaranteed. Photos taken by the camera will be seen in 3D when he connected to the 3D TV using HDMI output.

Xperia Arc S original workings of the camera so as to produce a 3D image is by taking a number of images simultaneously and then 'stitch'.

Quoted from the Telegraph on Monday September 5, 2011, if the picture is viewed on the phone so he could only display the usual 2D format in 4.2-inch screen size.

Aside from being able to make 3D photos, Xperia Arc S smartphone also has another advantage in which he integrated with Sony products. It is said, he can perform the function as a remote control for Sony Bravia television and also integrates with Sony's Music and Video Unlimited.

The Smartphone has a slim design will be released in October in England. It is not yet known when it will be marketed globally.

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