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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First launch of the iPhone 5 will held in China?

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ShoutBloger: Rumored Apple iPhone 5 production will begin in China. This makes it possible to make China the first country which will host the launch of the iPhone 5.

Macotakara's danbo which is the site of the Japanese IT, says that Foxconn Technology and Pegatron Tecnology, which is the distributor of Apple in China have started to produce the iPhone 5. In fact there are already predicting if iPhone 5 will be released in China on 21 October. Ubergizmo quoted on Tuesday September 5, 2011.

Reports of the iPhone 5 that will soon be produced in China is an attractive one for Apple fans, but there is some news that makes the restless fans like IOS 5 are not yet ready to be designed and issues regarding the iPhone 5 are sold without packaging.

Coupled with the news stating that the prototypes were lost in mysterious iPhone 5. The Apple has assigned some of its employees in disguise to seek return of the lost prototype.

All the polemic about the emergence of the iPhone 5 does make Apple fans a little worried about whether the latest generation of the iPhone will soon be created and appear more riveting than the iPhone 4.

All this iPhone 5 mystery makes Apple fans continue to hunt down information about iPhone 5 are also awaited his presence.

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