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Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook should make their own Facebook OS

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ShoutBloger: An industry analyst said that Facebook will eventually find its own code from the appropriate operating system to optimize support for mobile versions of these popular sites.

According to ABI senior researcher, Aapo Markkanen, the growing importance of mobile for Facebook presents a good opportunity and a serious strategic challenge to Facebook.

Markkanen said Mark Zuckerberg needs to create its own Facebook operating system that is suitable and in accordance with the wishes and the initial intention of Facebook, which connects all people in the world.

On the one hand, the phone is enabling the world's leading social networks to engage with millions of new consumers, but on the other hand its ability to make money from mobile users is still untested, said Markkanen to the TG Daily via email on Saturday September 24, 2011.

Another big problem for Facebook is to miss the web as a platform, on the phone that there is only another application. To strengthen its position in the short term we hope that Facebook is more aggressive use of HTML 5, but in the long run Zuckerberg should really make its own Facebook mobile operating system, he added.

Markkanen also noted that the correlation between social networks and mobile phones can also be viewed from a variety of new efforts initiated by Google and Apple. For example, Google's attempt to create its own social networking with Google plus name.

Google seems deliberately designed it to benefit from deep integration with the Android. Similarly, Apple has teamed up with the microblogging service Twitter to build up to the IOS 5.

An interesting aspect of the partnership forged Apple and Twitter is how to provide iPhone users with a social identity is verified for web sites and applications. It gives developers plenty of room to innovate in areas such as authentication, personalization and advertising. This is a rare thing, knot And Shey, ABI officials.

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