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Friday, September 23, 2011

YouTube adds features of 3D video player

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ShoutBloger: YouTube is currently testing the new features that could change the videos uploaded to its site into a format of three-dimensional (3D), just by clicking a button.

YouTube is said through his blog, users may click 'Edit Info' on the video page and select the '3D Video' to turn it into YouTube 3D video.

Unfortunately, for watching this YouTube 3D content users still have to use 3D glasses. And because it is still in the testing phase, not all YouTube users can enjoy this feature.

Reported by the LA Times on Friday September 23, 2011, these popular video sharing services have previously been made several experiments by adding 3D capability on its website. But YouTube does not seem to attract enough attention to remember more and more people have a camera device that can create YouTube 3D content.

Conversion devices YouTube simulate 3D animation by measuring the depth of color and movement as well as combining the two series of images - one original version and other versions that have been converted YouTube. This method mimics the way the human eye to receive the depth of view of an object in the real world.

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