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Friday, September 23, 2011

3 interesting thing behind the changes of Facebook

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ShoutBloger: Facebook f8 conference that was held officially announced major changes in the social networking site. Despite criticism from some users who do not like this change, but there are some interesting things that can be expected from changes in Facebook:

1. Enjoy music via the Facebook music dashboard

Facebook has launched a large-scale music platform at f8 conference this year. Facebook was adding the Music tab in the row of other features that have been there before such as Photos, Friends, Places, Groups, Games and the Like.

Launch Facebook music service this shows the seriousness of Facebook, which previously had intense discussions with various partners in the music industry. Aside from being a social networking site, Facebook is also now wants to become the number one place for people to find and share music with their friends.

2. Read news on Facebook

The new user interface that makes social networking looks like a personal newspaper. Users can see a variety of breaking news content from both their social networking environment and in global scope.

Jeff Bercovici of Forbes reported that Facebook is now working with a number of news outlets including CNN, to produce a special edition which can be read through Facebook.

3. Big name behind Facebook

Although referred to as the f8 conference for developers, but Facebook displays a list of names in the realm of the leading speakers who will attract media attention.

Among the speakers included the founder of MTV and Clear Channel executive Bob Pittman, former CEO of MySpace who is now executive Owen Van Natta Zynga, founder Turntable.fm Billy Chasen, CEO of Spotify Daniel Ek and many more.

These names are certainly not merely being on display f8 conference. As Facebook's intentions are increasingly seen clearly wanted to change their site to be more content-rich social and pampering its users, the realm of media bigwigs that will certainly also contributed the changes on Facebook are worth the wait.

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