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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BlackBerry Colt rim's first QNX phone launched to beat the iPhone & Android

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ShoutBloger: BlackBerry Colts will reportedly be the first smartphone from Research in Motion (RIM) that uses the QNX operating system. QNX smartphones like the BlackBerry Colt assessed the potential to climb while providing resistance means that the rivals, Android and Apple IOS.

Does RIM could build lots of applications in QNX is still unclear, mainly due to RIM's Playbook was still short of a native SDK. But clearly QNX giving RIM the opportunity to compete with modern smartphone OS, said Avi Greengart, an analyst at Current Analys.

Currently, there are new QNX OS on BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Sales Playbook is not in accordance with RIM's initial target, but apparently not so disappointing. The last data recorded Playbook sold around 500 thousand units

Like what QNX capabilities when pinned on the BlackBerry Colt is still in the stage of speculation. Quoted from NewsFactor on Tuesday August 9, 2011, no one knows how competitive QNX later, facing Android and the iPhone are already well established in the ecosystem of applications and content.

RIM has not announced a specific product or reasons why consumers should buy it. RIM has come up with specific reasons for consumers to buy these products than Apple products, Android or using Microsoft OS, says Avi.

According to Avi, QNX will probably have difficulty if you catch from Apple and Android in many sectors of application. But in the tradition of the BlackBerry has the power, for example in the security sector. This could be their focus.

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