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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tony Blair personal data published on Twitter

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ShoutBloger: A hacker claims to have a National Insurance number (NI) of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The file contains a NI number and address of Blair's friends, colleagues, and relatives were circulating in the social media site 'Twitter'.

Blair said the data was not obtained from the computer system, but perhaps from a former colleague.

According to reports, the file was first uploaded to a site called pastebin.com and displays the telephone number of former Lord Chancellor Lord Irvine and Labor MP Denis MacShane.

Details of family contacts and Cherie Blair, wife, is also included.

A note at the top of the file it read, The information in this article obtained in December 2010. We still have access to the webmail server. The phone number may have changed, but all the information one hundred percent legal.

A member of the group of computer hackers known as Team Poison wrote on Twitter: "Tony Blair personal info leaked this evening, as well as his personal adviser, and British MPs & Lords who supported the war in Iraq."

Blair's spokesman said the information was not obtained from Tony Blair or the system office. The information was apparently from personal e-mail accounts of former staff members from several years ago, he said.

Poison Team, led by a hacker named Trick, seems to have left-wing agenda.

Members of the group was previously reported to have forced the right-wing organization Home Defense League to shut down their Facebook page and have carried out attacks on Gumtree site as a protest because it was purchased by auction site eBay.

Report on Blair's comments came after a hotel chain Travelodge yesterday warned customers that their data may have been stolen from the database by hackers. A spokesman for the hotel said that the third party has managed to get the names and addresses of their e-mail.

The company cautions to users of online services to be wary of spam e-mail.

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