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Monday, September 19, 2011

Collaboration of Twitter and Facebook threaten Google Plus

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ShoutBloger: The existence of networking sites Google Plus seems increasingly endangered. This is related to collaboration that will happen in between Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is rumored to be working with Twitter to deliver a better experience in social networking. Later, Facebook users possible to update your Twitter status from their Facebook account.

Previously users had been able to connect the two sites will however have to go through via another application or add-on.

Of course, collaboration between the popular social networking sites is a major challenge for their competitors like Google Plus to seek his fortune in cyberspace.

Quoted from the BBC on Tuesday September 20m 2011, Facebook has not said when the collaboration was released, but it said the relationship was going to happen in the near future.

Google Plus itself is now being shaken down the issue of prestige even in the early release he was immediately flooded with users. Google Plus interest in news that slack is one of them related to the CEO of Google, Larry Page, who also is not active anymore to update his account.

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