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Sunday, April 3, 2011

iPod Nano 7 Comes With a Camera

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ShoutBloger: Apple reportedly will soon bring the next generation of iPod the iPod Nano 7, as Apple digital music players. Rumored, Apple will complement the newest cameras on the Apple iPod Nano 7.

This issue alone blows from Taiwan, after one of the components of this 7th generation of iPod Nano that they will dismantle them will produce an iPod Nano 7 come with a camera.

The component parts are found this indicates an electronic board of the iPod are now in circulation but no perforation in the corner of the match to be fitted on the back of the camera lens. Several other changes were also seen including the possibility of change in color because of its metal alloys look the other color.

Rehabilitated and reconstructed reported by Electronista Monday April 4, 2011, this news is actually not a hot news. The reason, Apple had manufactured iPod Nano sized long and has a video camera recorders. But this camera is then eliminated in the newer versions.

The company is eliminating this camera because the size of the Apple iPod Nano 7 is expected to be larger and reduces the battery life first.

There has been no confirmation from Apple about leak their latest products. In addition to the iPod Nano 7, Apple is also preoccupied with the issue of  iPhone 5 use 8 MP sony sensor camera.

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