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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Launch Pro Version Facebook Not Free Again

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ShoutBloger:This news certainly surprised for Facebook users. Facebook has announced it will provide additional cost to users who have accounts on Facebook. Users will be given two choices, Facebook Free or Facebook Pro. Free accounts will give road users to post photos and links, but has a limited size for the thumbnail image, a large banner ads and popup. Furthermore, users should at least take a paid survey for each login. However, Facebook to ensure the whole process would not be Facebook to 10 minutes.

As for Facebook Pro account, will allow a user to post, share, and view videos without having to worry about limits the size and quality. For two of these options will start next month, all users will be migrated to an account for free if they do not want to pay the charge, which has not been determined how much. Report from Techtree show that prices are not Facebook to $ 10 per month. For information, a paid account will start to be tested in the U.S. where the user will be given cloud computing storage capacity is limited, only to upload photos and video. Then, after the U.S. Facebook will soon run their Facebook paid account worldwide.

Facebook has attracted the attention of many users, advertisers, companies, game developers, and so forth. Facebook also has been prepared by a number of games where advertisers can post their ads. For the game, giving Facebook no additional cost or free, but they can only be played if the user purchase a special game package at a price that has not been published.

This news certainly burden the users of Facebook, and implementation of innovation for the public is deemed not to constitute an effective strategy.

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