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Saturday, April 2, 2011

iPhone 5 Use 8 MP Sony Sensor Camera

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After the iPhone 5 is scheduled to attend the third quarter of 2011, Apple was reportedly going to use a sensor made by Sony camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels for advanced products the iPhone 4.

As we all know, Apple previously used a sensor camera made by OmniVision to iPhone 4 (5 megapixels), and the iPhone 3G and 3G (3.2 megapixels). However, due to certain reasons Apple was 'move the heart' to Sony as the manufacturer of sensors on board camera.

It also had inadvertently mentioned by the CEO of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer. On an occasion when he spoke at Carnegie Hall in New York, Sony boss was commenting on the continued generation iPhone 4.

Our best sensor technology is made at one plant affected by the tsunami. It will be used Apple for iPhone and iPad them. Does that mean anything? They buy the best censor us, he said as quoted from digitaltrends, Sunday April 3, 2011.

According to Electronista, the migration of Apple to Sony is because OmniVision do not have 8 megapixel sensor camera, which is already available as scheduled launch of the Apple iPhone 5.

8 megapixel sensor camera that supposedly buried in the iPhone current five already exist on the Xperia Neo Android smartphone. With this technology  the camera becomes more sensitive to low light image quality with low noise.

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