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Thursday, March 3, 2011

10 Applications You Should Install on Your Blackberry

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Is your Blackberry smartphones gadget users or you planning to buy new? In this article ShoutBloger little will explain some applications that are important to your Blackberry smartphones gadget users who are not only used in gadgets Blackberry smartphones only.

Many people who thought the Blackberry smartphones application gadgets that are most often used are the Blackberry Messenger application. Here are 10 applications you should install on your Blackberry smartphones gadget :

1. Blackberry Messenger
Blackberry Messenger smartphones is an application that has been integrated in gadgets smartphones Blackberry, you do not need to install this application because this application is the default Blackberry smartphones.
2. Facebook
With this application you can read the News feed, status updates, upload photos, make comments, and read the inbox on your Facebook account.

3. Twitter for Blackberry and Uber Twitter
Through this application, you not only can write over 140 characters, but also can upload photos with just one click. This application has the features of each that can help you communicate. In the Uber Twitter, you can have a retweet style: post tweet what they are or add some comments on the tweet in question. You also can "mute" for the user that you consider it disturbing tweet. Meanwhile, on Twitter for Blackberry, you could not comment on the tweet that you want to retweet. The solution, you can use the feature "Quote Tweet" and put RT in front of the tweet in question. However both applications will certainly provide gadget smartphones feature "Reply" to help your small talk with friends.

4. Google Map
Perhaps you are familiar with this one application smartphones, Google Map application is important to be included in your BlackBerry. You can search for addresses and the path to your destination.

5. Shazam (Free 5 tag/4.99USD unlimited tags)
With this application you can find the songs you listen. With smartphones Shazam application you can find out information about the song you want to know the way you hold your Blackberry and then press the Tag button. In a relatively fast, the song you are referring will be detected.

6. Yahoo Messager
Maybe you already know with this one application smartphones, Yahoo Messager application chat are popular and widely used by users of Blackberry smartphones gadgets.

7. Application QuickPull
QuickPull application tool that will close the application that is not closed and will clear the cache so that you’re Blackberry will become more "healthy". This application can even do the schedule restarts in accordance with the hours you designate.

8. Documents to Go (Free trial/14.99USD)
With the Document to go application you can use the Doc to go to open a file type. Doc you can also do editing via this application. In addition, in the sales package, you will also get other applications, like Slide to Go, Sheet to go, and a bonus PDF (read only)

9. Unrar (4.99 USD) and Ziplorer (9.99USD)
Are you often confused to open files compressed in an email attachment? Looks like you have to install this application to open a RAR or ZIP file.

10. Application BBTrans
BBTrans application is able to translate 64 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Bahasa, French, Germany, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.). You just choose the process of translation (from language A to language B) and then type the word you mean in the bar provided. Words that you type will be translated into the language you want.

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