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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Google Person Finder help find victims of earthquakes in new zealand

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ShoutBloger : Google has launched a page called Google Person Finder, this page is intended to help victims of the earthquake that occurred in New Zealand to reconnect with family or friends who are separated when the earthquake occurred.

Google Person Finder allows users to search for user-created databases using the names of missing persons. If the victim is not found in existing databases they can leave information about a person and a message left for people who are looking for. People can also leave information about themselves to their loved ones or add information they have about other people to Google's page Person Finder.

Already more than 6,500 entries have been created.

Google created a Google Person Finder People by the U.S. State Department after the earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010. Since then, he has created websites Finder Person in response to the earthquake that hit Chile in February and an earthquake that hit China in April.

Search giant also began to create a page that lists a crisis response emergency numbers, resources and real-time updates from Twitter and YouTube. Changes to Earthquake Christchurch including Person Finder, as well as maps of destruction.

Source : Mashable

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