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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facebook has the Potential to Promote Prostitution Business

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Prostitution businesses are now beginning to look a lot a leading social network site Facebook as a land of their potential to promote the businesses. These results are found by a professor of sociology at Columbia University research. He stated that up to be the best choice for business of prostitution after the original Craigslist site is filled with places of prostitution commercial, has shut sexy erotic commercial.

If the commercial sex workers began to move to find his client on the popular social network site like Facebook. Professor named Sudhir Venkatesh is also in the results of his research revealed that the Blackberry smartphone handset is also a favorite for commercial prostitution workers. His research observes that technology has become a tool of business. It was an era because the demands of its customers had wanted something simple and practical.

Venkatesh estimates that as many as 83% of prostitutes have a page up to sell the businesses.in social network site. In fact he believes that at the end of 2011, up will become the main field to find customers for the perpetrators of prostitution. Not explained how they do prostitution business through Facebook. To be sure with a lot of members, Facebook is considered to have potential so that the prostitute can earn more male clients philanderer.

In a study by Venkatesh, does not explain how the prostitutes and users are connected at up because there was no special sexy adults on social network site like Facebook. Search for the word "escorts accompany" is indeed making some reference, but do not point to individuals prostitution.

New York City Police to report the community itself depends on the unlawful acts which took place secretly, such as prostitution. So for the transactions over the Internet that does not exist, New York City Police difficult to find evidence. Therefore, all depends on the up.

Facebook itself does not have specific policies related to prostitution. But, up against all illegal acts, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said, "We will lift the material, to block her social network account, and may take further action including legal action brings into the realm of illegal businesses.

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