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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LG Smartphones Release the First 3D Smartphone

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Smart phone gadged from LG Smartphones that allows a large 4.3 inch touch screen display of images in three dimensions, with no special glasses is. A pair of cameras in the rear Users can capture 3D video images in.

LG Smartphones hopes revolutionary phone, with several of the entertainment market based technology, and the wave of 3D to be paid by Hollywood, television and other media content creators.

Does the LG Smartphones method to this purpose, "the barrier for the conversion, which is similar to how you can reach Nintendo 3DS, without having a player wear spectacles.

Showed the LG Smartphones and called Optimus 3D this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. He said the company did not release date or price, although the spokesman said it would be at hand.

 Left demonstration units on display to the participants of the conference by three films - D, Also some of the games 3rd This could bring a threat to Nintendo temporary monopoly on the edge of always on the Smartphones for 3D game, as long as the hand-held game system will start in March

With the proliferation of television sets 3D on the market that can help Optimus 3D people to start imaging and archiving family potrait photos, and video art. D to the media on the big screen, the Smartphones can communicate with cable TV show.

LG Smartphones Group is a stone tablet, which runs Google gadgets Android 3.0 software is planned for release in March, also capture 3D images and video. The disk can be displayed on the screen 3D, but how the smartphones can be connected to all the list of General 3D TV.

3D Optimus has a stir this week at the Mobile World Congress. But until now it does not offer text messaging spinning platforms 3D or with eye catching, the developers of Android apps have announced a new mission to complete.

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