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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sony releases a remote control for PlayStation

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ShoutBloger: The latest Remote control for Sony PlayStation 3 is scheduled to be released at end of this month, which is compatible with all versions of PlayStation consoles, televisions, and Sony amplifier.

Enjoy the convenience of having one remote control endless with television, audio system and your PlayStation 3, Sony said in a statement.

As quoted by Digital Spy on Monday October 10, 2011, according to Sony, whit these remote control users can watch movies, listen to music or browse through the photos on the PlayStation 3 system. Remote control is also easier for users to manage and control the entertainment.

PlayStation 3 remote controller serves as a channel for voice and will be fully compatible with Netflix. This controller will also be released in Japan on March.

So far there has been no information on pricing, but for comparison, the PlayStation 3 remote control previously priced at $25.

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