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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monitoring traffic from Yahoo Email

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ShoutBloger: Yahoo, plans to open a Yahoo site that lets users view an interactive world map on the volume of email.

As reported by Mac World on Monday October 17, 2011, this site includes a chart that allows visitors to browse a map of the area to obtain more data about the use of Yahoo Mail in certain parts of the world.

Yahoo mail users will be able to filter the data to see the legitimate messages from spam messages are blocked. Other features, view the keywords of the most popular subjects.

According to senior director of product management of Yahoo Mail, David McDowell, says On average, Yahoo Mail to process 70 thousand messages per second, or about 6 billion per day from 300 million users  around the world, he said.

For each message sent is valid, Yahoo Mail to block four spam messages, most of it is a service of Hadoop, an open source software that is used to manage large amounts of data. Known as the "brains" behind Yahoo Mail.

This site is about visualizing the amount of data that we manage to protect users from spammers and phishers, said McDowell.

McDoweel added, Yahoo plans to offer the same visualization site to other sites in the future, he said.

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