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Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhone 4 battery is more durable compared to the iPhone 4S

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ShoutBloger: At the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple claims a battery life of this latest smartphone is better than the previous generation, but the result was different.

When the site iLounge reviews the iPhone 4S, presumably claim that Apple missed or not in line with expectations. It is quoted Gadgets and Gizmos on Tuesday October 18, 2011.

iLounge tested the battery life on the iPhone 4S on some operators in the United States, then compare it with the generation predecessor, the iPhone 4.

According to the official specification from Apple, the iPhone 4S has a longer talk time, standby time but was lower compared with the iPhone 4 battery.

As for testing audio playback, 3G data, Video Recording and Video Playback, the site iLounge find iPhone 4S battery life is lower than the iPhone 4.

As for testing features FaceTime and Wi-Fi, this site also found that both phones have the same battery usage, but to Cellular Calls, iPhone 4S slightly superior than the iPhone 4.

Various factors can indeed affect the battery life of mobile phones, such as setting, how to use the phone, signal strength, and others.

Discharging the battery and fully charging the battery can be strengthened, which is said to be an effective solution to improve its performance.

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