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Friday, September 30, 2011

RIM stopped producing Blackberry Playbook

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ShotBloger: A spokeswoman for Research In Motion (RIM) Blackberry Playbook will be denied if it stopped immediately.

The reaction of RIM This statement came after the impact of Collin Stewart analyst John Vinh, the BGR site that claims that the bad sale of Blackberry Playbook.

Last week Quanta one of the largest notebook manufacturer in the world has admitted firing a large number of production workers from a factory to manufacture Playbook focused, our study shows that the ODM has halted production of tablets, wrote Vinh.

In addition, we show that RIM has canceled an additional tablet of project development, he added.

As Quoted TG Daily on Friday September 30, 2011, it should be noted that RIM shipped only managed 500 thousand Playbook during the first quarter since the tablet was first launched. Meanwhile, no less than 200 thousand additional units in the first quarter were also made to meet the availability Blackberry Playbook in the tablet market.

Although some analysts have estimated the death of Blackberry Playbook in the near future, RIM representative confirmed the tablet will continue to be produced until some future time.

RIM does not typically comment on rumors that are being developed among analysts and the public, but every opinion on the Blackberry Playbook is being discontinued entirely rumor. RIM remains committed to the tablet marketplace, concluded a spokesman for RIM.

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