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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The history behind the Angry Birds game

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ShoutBloger: Anyone today who do not know the Angry Birds game? Almost all smartphones and tablet users never played a game that is light but make opium. Angry Birds According to data already downloaded 250 million times, not including knick-knacks are sold.

Just like any other game developers, creating Rovio Angry Birds Mobile is full of struggle to achieve success as it is now. Not many people know that the Angry Birds are not the first game created commercial game studios.

Here's the history and the Rovio Angry Birds, the Legal summarized from various sources.

Rovio history
Rovio first established in 2003, but by then his name is Relude. Only after two years of existence, they changed the name to Rovio, as it is known today. Rovio is built by three students namely, Kim Dikert, Niked Hed, and Jarno Vakevainen.

Before becoming a big company, Rovio is built by three students have been attending many games competitions, one sponsored by Nokia and HP. Bright spot of his success came when the games they are named 'King of the Cabbage World' won the category of real time multiplyer game.

The success of the game 'King of the Cabbage World' is prompting them to begin serious work on and build a company focused on mobile game, which was named Relude.

One important requirement is the fund company. This is a prerequisite and the life of every business to run. So also the things faced by Rovio then, to get the funds immediately, the trio sold the game 'King of the Cabbage World' to the company's Sumea (current name Digital Chocolate). Then converted into Mole War which later turned out to is the game's first real-time multiplayer mobile commercialized.

After gets funds, in early 2005, the company modified its corporate name to Rovio Angry Bird Mobile.

Angry Birds History
Angry Birds development began in March 2009. After the successful creation of the development team Rovio, they released the game in December 2009 and the next is history. Angry Birds into the game application in Finland's number one. Then the game 'Angry Birds' is continuing its expansion into the United States and Britain Diman Apple is the key to make it all happen.

Rovio when it was looking for a simple game that they could bring to the touch screen platform that will also be compatible with other gaming platforms. They want to follow the old wisdom: This game should be easy to play, but hard to master and that is what they make.

Mastering it is no easy task though; scored three stars in each level, find all the golden eggs, hitting the right structure. Angry Birds Gane was quickly transformed from a "simple and easy to" be a game very challenging and sometimes even frustrating.

Until now, Angry Birds kept it invaded the platform. Currently Angry Birds were present in 11 platform and plans to enter Facebook. Rovio also want to be iconic entertainment brands such as Disney and have taken measures to promote the Angry Birds in Asia.

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