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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Facebook reduce the email notification

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ShoutBloger: Facebook users are often disturbed by the number of Facebook email notification may be pleased with the new features are being tested this.

The popular social networking was testing a new feature that allows users active Facebook group email notifications into a summary or a summary email.

We are testing the feature for those who are active on Facebook, so often a lot of email notification from us, said Facebook was quoted by Mashable on Tuesday September, 2011.

We provide a summary of new email notification on and off most of the individual emails. If anyone wants to the old ways, can be arranged on the account settings.

Because it is still the test phase, for now the feature is only available for a small group of users that can be found in the account settings. Mentioned Facebook, its features it is ideal for users who do not want the hassle of receiving dozens of 'friend requests' daily or conversation Facebook.

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