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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Microsoft releases Kinect SDK for Application Developers

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ShoutBloger: Microsoft started allowing software developers to be able to apply computer technology with the motion of the motion controller Kinect sensibility, through the release of Kinect SDK for Windows.

Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows Software Development Kit can open the door for computer programs can have voice recognition or movement through console accessories. Similarly, as quoted by AFP on Saturday June 18, 2011.

We're planning to Kinect be slightly out of the world of video games and expand into other regions, said Halimat Alabi, one of the developers who attended the Kinect Coding Marathon in Washington.

Kinect SDK is available for download at research.microsoft.com/kinectsdk. Microsoft last week YouTube added, voice commands, television shows, and others to the Xbox 360 with Kinect as a console.

Microsoft completed the voice recognition capabilities in Kinect with the aim that Xbox users give voice commands in games, as well as Bing do a search for movies, music and other entertainment content.

Microsoft has sold more than 10 million devices Kinect worldwide since its launch into the market late last year.

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