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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nvidia predicts that Honeycomb Tablet Will Beat Apple iPad

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ShoutBloger: Nvidia the company behind the chip Tegra 2, make a pretty bold prediction. Honeycomb Android-based tablets are expected to exceed Apple iPad in three years.

It was said Jen-Hsu Huang the CEO of Nvidia, the Reuters Technology Summit in New York. Android phone only took two and a half years to reach its momentum. I'm sure the same thing will happen in Honeycomb tablet, Huang said as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday may 17, 2011.

Huang said that growth of Android tablets will be more rapidly with the increasing number of applications and games for these tablets.

Nvidia will certainly be happy when the tablet-based Honeycomb skyrocketed. We have quite a lot of tablets that use 2 of Nvidia Tegra processor, call it Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Acer and Samsung A500 Iconia Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Furthermore, Nvidia is planning a more powerful processor again. For example, Kal-El-coded processor with quad-core capabilities.

Huang said there are already some device makers are ready to use Kal-El. There are at least 10. The five companies and five mobile PC manufacturers, he said.

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