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Monday, May 16, 2011

Folding Screen Tablet, Future Innovations Tablet

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ShoutBloger: Over the years the innovators of the world continue to compete to create a digital device as small as possible. As a result, many sophisticated gadgets are popping up like a tablet that is now loved by the inhabitants of the earth. But not a single technology that offers digital screen folded in half.

If researchers are able to develop this folding screen, what else the revolution will be offered in the future? Samsung, recently made a folding sail prototype tablet. Not yet clear when the sophisticated gadgets that will be launched.

Researchers at the company Samsung managed to overcome the problems in the manufacture of folding tablet screen. They managed to combine two closed panels made of silicon "We are united both the screen 1 millimeter apart," wrote the daily mail on Saturday May 14, 2011. Although the split-screen folding screen  it only reduces the quality of color as much as 6 percent.

This is the technology that Samsung is prepared to compete with the tablets made by Apple. Understandably, the tablets are now made in 'King Midas Technologies' Steve Jobs still prevail in terms of innovation.

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