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Monday, April 11, 2011

YouTube Launches Live Streaming Service

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ShoutBloger: YouTube launched a new feature called YouTube Live, a new service that focuses on streaming live from the content.

YouTube Live service will integrate live streaming capabilities and search tools directly to the YouTube platform. Similarly, as quoted from Telecom Paper on Monday April 11, 2011.

By browsing to www.youtube.com/live, users will find the live event on YouTube and be able to add the event in their calendar.

Users can subscribe to a media fellow YouTube live streaming service, to be notified of the following events will be streamed live on the video site. YouTube also has begun launching its live streaming platform in new YouTube beta version. This enables colleagues who have an account with YouTube can download streaming content live on YouTube.

YouTube Party says the purpose of these services is to provide to thousands of their colleagues, the ability of live streaming for the next few months.

Previously, YouTube has several times held a live event to be broadcast live streaming on their site, such as concerts, interviews and sports events.

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