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Monday, April 11, 2011

Facebook Try to Conquer China

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ShoutBloger: Almost all countries Facebook does have a tremendous number of users, but not in China. This social networking service also continues to make efforts to approach China.

According to sources on Facebook, the Mark Zuckberg company is currently carrying out serious discussions with relevant parties for Faceboook be acceptable in a country that strictly regulate the internet traffic.

This course will be very beneficial, considering China is the country with most Internet users in the world. But of course not easy to conquer China is known to be very strict in regulating the flow of information, particularly Internet access for their citizens.

We are still studying the Chinese, as part of an evaluation of possible approaches and could be useful to all users, developers and advertisers, wrote the source, as reported by Bloomberg on Monday April 11, 2011.

Actually this news is not new news, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier visited China and met the leading internet companies there including Baidu and Sina.

There has been no official confirmation regarding the Facebook expansion to China, they are still reluctant to talk about it until there are official reports.

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