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Friday, April 22, 2011

Al Jazeera Launched The Stream Social Media

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ShoutBloger: Al Jazeera television station, recently launched a social media as the place to reports from the public. This social media called The Stream that can be accessed via the official website of Al Jazeera. "The Stream will be something new and unique," said Derrick Ashong, The Stream is also host. Ashong explained, The Stream is a social media that has its own events program and aired every day.

We will bring the latest news and of course a warm discussion comes from social media, he said. Some of the themes that will be tilled events, such as interviews with bloggers, broadcast a video clip taken from YouTube, and show the comments that appear on Twitter and Facebook are rolling.

In the television station site has links to share events broadcast on the various social media, like Facebook and Twitter. The difference is, they have not created a separate community, a kind of social networking, so any reporter can be more organized. In a web community of The Stream, the preachers are invited to improve its report if there are mistakes in terms of journalistic ethics and editorial meetings.

While various ideas for The Stream on television emerged, for example, discussions about a Grammy award or discuss pop culture ala Justin Bieber to the presence of Apple iPad 2, according to Ashong, here was tested proficiency The Stream to choose the best theme by balancing the amount of interest in the theme with substance. One of the challenges in managing Ashong The Stream is to prevent this social media so as not to be used as a means of making fun.

According to Al Jazeera program director, Paul Eedle, The Stream can be a way to collect and analyze information developed in the community. "So that we viewers will not switch to another television station," he said. "With social media, you not only have a 55, but 5500, even 55 thousand eyes and ears on the ground."

In addition to television stations, shopping malls have started to "colonize" the world of social media to make it known to the public. Monday, Walmart stores acquires social networking company Kosmix as opening the way to be able to sell their products online or e-commerce.

Kosmix, founded and Anand Rajaraman Venky Harinarayan, is a pioneer for online shopping site after Amazon.com Junglee was acquired in 1998. With the presence of Kosmix, Walmart, which operates in 15 countries, aspires to become a new group that controls the social and mobile business through multi-channel Walmart.

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