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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Search for Recipes with Google Recipes Tool

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ShoutBloger : Become a cooking expert is the dream for all people who like good food. Learning to become a cooking expert can be done in various ways.

In this week Google will be an additional tool that is located Recipes tool to the left of the Google search screen. Recipes with this Google recipes tool will narrow the search area associated with any food recipes.

With Recipes on the Google Recipes tool users can search for recipes by entering a name or type of food, spices, or just the sauce. Then the search results can be narrowed again based on material, time of presentation and calorie content.

Google realizes recipes are popular searches, and we are constantly trying to improve the search experience for this.

serves around 10 million searches for food recipes every day. According to him, this figure is significant and makes Google feel the need to pay attention to the needs of seekers recipes.

Google in this case follow the recipe search websites that have been there before, like Foody and Yummly. Competitors, Bing Microsoft's search engine also was first to introduce such a feature.

While Bing add a feature to filter based on the original recipe sites, cooking methods, and the background of the country of origin food, Google has advantages by supplying a dose of calories and the right cooking time.

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