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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Android Smartphones users waiting for the latest OS update

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ShoutBloger : Samsung's Galaxy S series of Android smartphones gadget has been available on the four major in U.S. wireless carriers for this year.

While many users like these smartphones gadget, there have been widespread complaints about lagging operating system for updates.

In of February 24, many owners of the Samsung phones on AT&T are finally able to update their smartphones to the 2.2 version of Android smartphones, called Froyo, which still isn't the latest Android smartphones operating system available.

Additionally, Captivate owners who use a Mac rather than a Windows computer have not been able to update their smartphones. That's because this operating system update is not being delivered wireless by AT&T. Smartphones users only install it by using a USB cable to connect their smartphones to a computer running Samsung phones Kies Mini software which only works on Pocket Computer.

Captivate owners who have Pocket Computer and have been able to get this smartphones update seem pleased judging by their tweets. I've seen few reports of update problems, and they're enjoying the improved speed and functionality of their smartphones.

In January, PC Magazine news reported. A user revolt is starting among the tech blogs and on Twitter about Samsung's Galaxy S series absolutely shameful lack of communication on updating its U.S. Samsung's Galaxy S series.

In this week Sprint started releasing, and then Thursday abruptly halted Froyo smartphones updates for its Samsung's Galaxy S series, the Epic 4G. According to Boy Genius Report, owners of phones that received the update have been reporting problems related to data connectivity, as well as SD card problems when attempting to access data..

If the smartphones gadget you want isn't yet shipping with the latest operating system, you might want to consider other smartphones that have the latest operating system. Or at least wait, when possible, until the model you desire starts shipping with the latest operating system.

For instance, the 2.3 version of Android smartphones, Gingerbread, was released last December. So far it's only available on the Nexus S.

In December, Android smartphones Central published their predictions about which devices might get Gingerbread updates sooner rather than later, but that's still all guesswork and rumors at this point. So if you're currently considering buying an Android smartphones, it might be a good idea to wait under samsung phones with Gingerbread is actually shipping.

Source : CNN.com

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