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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RIM announced BBX OS with a new platform for smartphones and Blackberry tablets

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ShoutBloger: Apparently BBX rumors announced at DevCon 2011 were correct. At this time the BlackBerry DevCon, RIM has officially launched the next generation smartphone platform called BBX. After 12 years of producing phones based on BlackBerry OS, RIM seems ready to move forward with a new BBX platform. BBX will be built from the ground up, combining the best parts of the BlackBerry OS and QNX.

The platform will include BBX OS, the BlackBerry cloud service support and development environment for HTML5 and native.

BBX will also support applications developed using the tools available today for BlackBerry Playbook native SDK, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash, and applications for Android BlackBerry WebWorks/HTML5 Runtime). BBX will also show that looks sweet UICascades Framework which was also shown for the first time today, and will bring the "Super App" with deep integration between applications, services always on Push, Social Platform for fuel and many more.

In addition to launching BBX platform at DevCon, RIM also introduced a beta version of OS 2.0 developer Playbook. This means that users Playbook is one step closer to getting major update for their tablets. Playbook OS 2.0 will come with a set of tools that will let Android application developers can move to the BlackBerry platform Playbook Runtime BlackBerry Apps for Android, BlackBerry Plug-In for the Android Development Tools (ADT) for Android and BlackBerry Apps Packager.

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