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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nokia Show off a Flexible smartphone that can be bent

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ShoutBloger: What happens if the smartphone is made of flexible and elastic material like rubber? This device will be very flexible so it can bend. The smartphone like this that was recently showcased by Nokia.

Nokia calls it a kinetic device. This prototype demonstrated the Finnish handset vendor in the event Nokia World 2011 in London. Its uniqueness attracted the attention of visitors at the event.

Some of the navigation on this phone can be done by bending it. For example, as can be seen in video footage uploaded to YouTube, user’s mobile phone can bend up and down when going to zoom in or zoom out the image on the phone.

Users can also bend a cross by holding the right side of the upper and lower left scrol function as a substitute motion up and down.

Based on CNET reports that quoted on Thursday October 27, 2011, an exhibit in booth Nokia says the phone is a Nokia experimental result by processing a number of carbon nanotubes. This material is embedded in a flexible material which allows the device to control the navigation screen by bending it. This material is apparently also quite strong and waterproof.

Nokia will then produce it in bulk as a commercial mobile phone. Nokia Flexible phone does not disclose with certainty. But other sources say likely Nokia will release it.

Nokia Show off a Flexible smartphone

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