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Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook will add a new feature

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ShoutBloger: In their official blog, Facebook presents two new features that are referred to the Trusted Friends and Passwords App.

Trusted Friends, created to help users gain access Facebook account back if they get forgotten passwords or other things. Relief works through a friend of the user who was entrusted to provide such access.

Facebook let users to select 3 to 5 friends they trusted. Well, when the user forgot the password to log in and cannot access the email account, then they can be pin their hopes on trusted friends.

Quoted from YahooNews on Friday October 28, 2011, Facebook sends the code via email to trusted friends that will help users access the account again. This is the same as when you give the keys to a trusted friend's house when you go on vacation, the picture conveyed Facebook.

The second feature that is the App Passwords, Facebok realize that the moment will use third-party applications, most users want a different password to be able to wear them. Given, most applications require the user to enter a password before gaining access Facebook application.

With App user password is now possible to create a new password for logging into third-party applications. App Password can be used by clicking the Security tab and go directly to the App Passwords.

The plan, Facebook will be releasing these new features in the next few weeks. Reportedly, now Facebook has been inhabited by more than 750 million users by half of whom log in every day.

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