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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich coming on October 2011

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ShoutBloger: Google is rumored to be soon released Android Ice Cream Sandwhich in the near future. Rumored that Google will release it in October or November.

In an interview conducted by Salesforce to Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed little certainty about when Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be launched.

We already have a new operating system known as the Ice Cream Sandwich, chances are we will release it in October or November. I hope many people will be happy to hear this news, Obviously Schmidt, as quoted Gadgetel on Friday September 9, 2011.

However, Schmidt has not been willing to reveal more details about this new Android operating system. It looks like Ice Cream Sandwiches are intended to integrate the mobile phone operating system Android with the tablet simultaneously.

Photos that look at online sites last August allegedly as the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The first device is rumored to use the new Android operating system from Google is Verizon Droid.

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