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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yahoo and Bing More Accurate than Google

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ShoutBloger: Despite not having the equivalent of Google popularity, Microsoft search engine Bing and Yahoo was providing search results more accurate than the most popular search engine from Mountain View.

Similarly, claims research firm Hitwise Experian Digital Trends quoted as saying on Sunday August 14, 2011.

Based on Experian study, the success rate of Yahoo search during July reached 81.36 percent yesterday. While Bing recorded the success rate of 80.4 percent.

This figure is higher compared to Google which only 67.56 percent success record in July. That is, overall, Yahoo and Bing managed to display more relevant search results than Google

Microsoft and Yahoo apparently trying to keep pace with rival the popularity of Google's search quality. But apparently they still need more time to do that, because now Google still dominates the Internet search with 66 percent utilization ratio.

Meanwhile, Yahoo recorded controlled 15 percent of search and Bing master 2.98 percent, while six percent were controlled competitors are smaller.

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