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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sims social new rival for Zynga on Facebook

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ShoutBloger: Zynga from now seems to be extra careful because the Facebook social gaming world has been their strong competitors emerged, namely The Sims Social.

As quoted from Mashable on Wednesday August 31, 2011, The Sims Social which is a franchise from Electronic Arts, has exited its beta version last week.

Although the new, but the Facebook version of the Sims social game has been played by over 4.6 million people every day, according to AppData, an Internet traffic tracking service from the Inside Network.

The Sims Social launched direct also flew into the list of top 10 applications on Facebook, by being in position 6 on the back of the games made by Zynga kinds: 'CityVille', 'Farmville', 'Empire & Allies', 'Texas Hold' Em 'and' Pioneer Trail '.

Looking at the achievement of the above, Chris Taylor of Mashable estimated that Facebook could beat the leaders of social games on Facebook today, CityVille, at the end of September.

Because it is addictive, it's no wonder The Sims sells. For the PC version only, The Sims sold 140 million copies worldwide.

The Sims Social begins with the establishment of avatars for the players, build houses and the neighborhood. Gamers must continue to care for their Sim characters by bathing, resting and connect them with other Sim characters.

So far so ordinary. But there is what distinguishes The Sims Social with its PC version is: Sims characters are the property of the user's Facebook friends.

You do not interact with Facebook friends in real-time, but you can see a video replay of what happened to the characters Sim's friends on Facebook, explains Taylor.

Users can to approve or not, Sims character's relationship with their Facebook friends, to get to the next level of relationship, he added.

The players, who are used to playing The Sims, may be happy or disappointed over the new features. In The Sims Social users can no longer control the entire Sims family, while those users who are sadistic are also no longer able to kill their creations.

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