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Thursday, August 4, 2011

HP Touchpad Price cuts up to USD50

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ShoutBloger: Recently launched a few weeks, HP touchpad tablet must be pruned up to USD50.

USD450 16GB HP Touchpad prices now, while its 32GB version priced at USD550. Touchpad falling prices indicate the challenges facing manufacturing with Android-based tablets to iPad dominance in the market.

In contrast to the smartphone market, where Android OS continue to demand, consumers prefer the tablet device with a quality that is guaranteed as the Apple iPad. Tablets are still considered luxury products, so consumers are being very selective. Although quite a lot of consumers are satisfied with the tablet such as Galaxy and Xoom from Samsung and Motorola, it seems hard it takes extra effort to undermine the dominance of the Apple iPad.

In addition, the number of Android tablets that is released on the market, each with different specifications and applications, proved to be confusing consumers.

Platform of iPad also much more attractive to application developers. Currently, the number of special applications for Android is still very small tablets. While the iPad library has a collection of applications that are very large, so users no longer need to download the application designed for the iPhone.

It seems HP still must work hard to realize their dream to shift Apple from the highest position in the tablet market, as revealed Senior Vice President of HP Europe Eric Cador some time ago.

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